Saturday, May 16, 2009

A few new riders!

Glorious night last night! We gathered on the LSU campus for an hour's scavenger hunt, Andy's 3rd Alley Cat - The Campus Crawl. I'm not sure how many racers there were, maybe 20? Justin, defending champion and Mellow Johnny holder, chats with a few others while we wait for the 7th bell to ring.

Afterward, we headed to Chelsea's for food and drink while waiting for Andy and Mike to score the sheets.

When they were done with the scoring and ready to make the announcement no one could find Moshe. He'd gone somewhere to talk to someone so, while Mike hunted him up, Andy read the dinner menu to everyone.

It took a little time to get Mo' back in the room but when the results were read it became clear why Mo' had to be there. First place!

But that has nothing to do with 1%ers, now does it? Well, sort of. About a dozen or so willing souls accept a passport! Clayton used his time well perusing his new passport . . . too bad he had it upside down . . . how long had we been there at that point?

I hope to have progress reports coming in soon.

For more images of the night's entertainment, please go to

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

File Discovered/Recovered! New passports ready!!

Yes, friends, I have a new batch of passports ready to go! This Friday, May 15, I'll be handing out the first 5 that have been requested. Look for photos of the proto-1pcters!

In the meantime, here are a few images of the new passports.

I know I'm wet with anticipation! How 'bout you?

So, wet or dry, drop me a line at:


and tell me:
1. Who you is.
2. What you want.
3. When and where you want to get your passport.

Dead Ride Live

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The details

So, it turns out all the text files for the passport are on my long-dead PC. Ah, technology. . ..

Here's a bit more about what you need to do -

  1. Complete all 5 rides . . . oh yeah . . . the rides are (starting from you house or from the Capitol if you live outside East Baton Rouge Parish) in order of easiest to most challenging: the Maul of Looziana; the Holy Wal-Mart on Siegen; Blue Bayou Water Park on Highland @ I-10; the Baton Rouge Zoo, and; Port Hudson State Historic Site.
  2. Do them in any order you want but each ride is a ride unto itself; you may NOT combine rides.
  3. Ride alone or with company, whatever rocks your world.
  4. Enjoy yourself!
When you're done, get your passport back to the one what gave it to you. That person will check to see that you've done what you said you were going to do so be sure to document as requested. Wouldn't want to do a ride again just to get the date/time stamp, now would you?

Once we've got a few 1%ers we'll have a kegger and grill, kick back, and see what new mischief we can get into.

Ride on!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What it is and a little why


1% of what?

Thanks for asking!

Before I tell you about that I should tell you . . . I ride a bike. As in "bicycle."

I haven't owned a motor vehicle for something like 18 years now. Oh, I've use them and ridden in them and all sorts of things in them but not every day, not for a while.

I really like not being owned by a motor vehicle. Initially, I spent the money on going a lot further (like to Europe) than I'd ever get in a car. It was good.

Later, I spent the money on a bike. It was even better. So much better that I bought another bike.

When I had 3 (I know, only 3?) I stopped buying bikes and started riding two of them regularly (not simultaneously, mind you). That became most excellent.

At that point I started to see the lack of bicycle "stuff" in Baton Rouge. There wasn't much to see and a lot to miss. That was bad.

But that made me pay attention to biking in the USA and in the world (I draw the line at the top of the troposhere). Sure is a lot goin' on out there, bike-wise. That was good.

I started to see this little chart over and over and over again. Can't find one now, of course, but it essentially said something like this:

40% of the population will never, ever get on a bicycle, period.
40% of the population would like to ride but don't feel "safe enough" to ride regularly or at all
19% of the population will ride when the weather is good or it's not far or just for fun
1% of the population will ride a bike any time, any where, conditions are irrelevant

That seemed right, if not necessarily good.

The more I rode the more I seemed to fit in that last category. Not owning a car or truck or SUV means I have to ride or walk or take the bus (which in Baton Rouge is no mean trick). I became a 1%er. That was good.

Then I thought, why not have a little fun. Next thing I knew I had a "passport" in my hand with a set of rules. At first I thought that was a little weird for me, a book of rules. I'll save the insight for later; for now, know that it's a good thing.

Once I had the outline it seemed very, very good - for very, very few people. Like I said, 1%.

In brief, here it is:
  1. If you want to ride, you have to have a "passport." You have to contact DeadRideLive to get the passport. There is no buy-in, yet.
  2. There are 5 destinations. Each one must be started from your home. If you live outside East Baton Rouge Parish you start from the south steps of the capitol.
  3. Each destination is its own ride. You may not combine the destinations into a single ride or any other combination of destinations. One ride, one destination, each ride starts from home.
  4. How you get there is your business, as long as it's on a bike. Try not to bleed too much in the process.
  5. You have 6 months to finish the rides. Feel free to do it in less.
  6. You must obtain something with a date/time stamp on it from the destination or somewhere very nearby. A receipt for a purchase will do. Creativity counts. A photograph with a date/time stamp will do but is not necessarily encouraged - too easy.
  7. The passport has all this and more in it, including the "expulsion for asshole-ism" clause.
There is a 1% graphic so there may be t-shirts for the few, the bent, the ones who complete the task.

Want to know more? Contact DeadRideLive.